Today you will create a presentation using Prezi. The presentation will identify some of the 21st century tools and strategies we've been exploring in these workshops.

Learning in the 21st Century – Session 5: Prezi

Getting Started with Prezi – this is an alternative to PowerPoint and new way to think about presenting…
  1. Sign up for a Prezi account at
  2. Log in to
  3. Click on the My tab at the top
  4. Click Create New Prezi
  5. In the Title box type: Learning in the 21st Century
  6. In the description box type: tools for digital teaching & learning
  7. Select the LOUD Manifesto design and click the Create button.
  8. Watch the Getting Started with Prezi video, and then close that window.

To design/edit your first Prezi, follow these instructions:
  1. Double click in the text box shown and type Learning in the 21st Century
  2. Double click anywhere else on the page and type PLN (use Title text)
  3. Continue doing that for the following words: Google Reader, Twitter, Classroom 2.0, and Digital Natives (Use Body text style)
  4. Now use your Zebra wheel to move, re-size, and rotate those words so that they are grouped in this way:
    1. PLN is larger than Twitter, Classroom 2.0, and Google Reader. Those three are grouped in a small group near the word PLN.
    2. Place Digital Natives under Learning in the 21st Century and make it Body text.
    3. Remember you are making the largest words the ones you want people to focus attention on. Make tiny the words you want to show up as a surprise or hidden until you decide to show them.

  1. Go to the wheel in the upper left corner and click on File, insert.
  2. Navigate to the Learn 21C folder in the Teacher Folder on the VPAA Network and select the picture called Digital Natives. Place it near the text Digital Natives.
  3. Click the Write circle in the navigation wheel in the upper left corner and double click anywhere on the page and type:
  4. Move it to near the Digital Natives picture.
  5. Click the Frames circle in the navigation wheel. Choose the rectangular frame. Draw it around everything you’ve placed on the page so far to frame the entire presentation.
  6. Now you are going to choose the order in which you show your presentation – so select Path from the navigation wheel. Then decide which object you want to show first, second, third, etc and click on each object in order. Select SHOW to see how the presentation works. You can delete the path if you don’t like it or move the markers by dragging on the numbers in the pathway and moving them to a different object.

To download and take the presentation with you anywhere (to show on any computer without internet access):
  1. Go back to the Prezi home page and click on you’re my tab. Select the Presentation you want to save.
  2. Click Download then choose Download a portable Prezi.
  3. When the dialog box pops up, choose Save File and click OK.
  4. Browse to the folder on your computer or flash drive that you want to save the presentation to and click OK/Save.
  5. Once it has downloaded – open the folder, and click the Prezi file – it will extract all the zipped files into that folder.
  6. Once extracted - open the folder and you will see the Prezi file with a red Flash icon beside it. Click on the flash icon, then click on Run and your presentation will begin.
  7. Use the arrow keys to step through it. It cannot be changed in this format. All edits must be made before you download it.