What is Blogging? Blogs in Plain English - video by CommonCraft on TeacherTube

Blog Basics - excellent article from Teaching Today about blogging with kids, classroom management, risks, etc.
Blogging Basics: Creating Student Journals on the Web - another easy short article on getting started, do's and don'ts
Blogging? It's Elementary My Dear Watson! - NEA article all about blogging with elementary students

Samples of Classroom and Student Blogs

Edublogs list of class blogs - examples from all subject areas (the edublogs and wordpress hosted ones will open at school; those hosted on Blogger or Blogspot will be filtered at school but you can check them out from home)
Class 40Q's blog - very cool student generated content reflecting on what they are learning
EPencil - a sixth grade writing workshop blog
A Really Different Place - elementary blog that students respond and post to
A K-8 School Garden Blog (Orca School)
Billings Beta - a middle school tech class blog - very sophisticated student blog

VPAA Blogs:

Thoughts from the Lab Bench - Mrs. Tew's scince blog
Mrs. Rewis and Mrs, Harper's Second to None blog
Veggie Park - the garden project blog
VPAA Media Blog

Before you begin to blog for your classroom or with students, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why do I want to blog?
2. What audience do I want to reach and interact with? (in-school only or the world at large)
3. Do I want students to have their own blogs or do I want to have them only respond to my blog?
4. What type of content will I create for the blog?
5. What blog platform will I use?
6. What do I want my students to learn by blogging?
7. How will I introduce blogging to the students?
8. How will I engage parents and what permissions do I need to get before allowing students to blog?

Getting Started

The PPT below gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up an Edublogs blog

external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png Blogging for School.ppt

Here is a list of resources for helping you get started blogging with students:
A Student's Advice to teachers about starting to blog with kids: awesome post by a student who's been there!
WebTools4U2Use Wiki - Donna Baumbach's quintessential blogging page - some great how-to and start-up info here.
To Blog or to Wiki- a great post about the differences and one teacher's experience
Support Blogging Wiki - extensive links to classroom blogs, educational blogs for adults to read, how-to get started resources, and more.
Edubloggerworld a Ning about blogging

Edublogs - not blocked, but not supported by the LCSD

Edublogs.org - One of many blogging hosts for you to use to start your free first blog.
Edublogs help files - for when you want to do something with your Edublogs blog and don't know how

Sample Resources to use/edit

external image msword.png 1st grade Blog Permission Slip.doc
external image msword.png Blog Permission Slip.doc