Session Date: February 8, 2010

Social Bookmarking: What is it and why should I care?

Social Bookmarking in Plain English by Common Craft
The TeacherTube version
Social Bookmarking guide from WebTools4U2Use
Teaching Today article on Social Bookmarking in education

Tagging is the KEY

What is tagging? (Wikipedia)

How to Use Social Bookmarking for learning in the 21st Century

Social Bookmarking Strategies for Interactive Learning - a great matrix of ideas for how to use with students
Taming the Beast: Social Bookmarking by Will Richardson

Using Delicious

Delicious Help FilesDavid Warlick's Guide to Delicious - shows you step by step how to set up your account and save bookmarks.
Simply Delicious or Tagging for Teaching- by David Muir (12 page guide to all things delicious)

Step by Step:
1. Go to and click join now (if you do not already have a Yahoo ID). If you DO have a yahoo ID, youc an sign in with that.
2. When setting up your account, choose a username (for yahoo) and a password, and enter the ALTERNATIVE email as your school email address.
3. Go to Delicious Help Files and scroll to the "Need Tools? section of the page. Click on the link to get browser buttons for Internet Explorer and install them.
4. Go to Settings and click Import/Upload bookmarks - if you want to import your favorites from IE into Delicious. Choose Easy Settings.
5. Go back to your homepage and explore and add bookmarks as needed - be sure to tag them as well. Search for other tags of things you are interested in and you may also find peopel to add to your network.

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